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Transfer Student Admission

Transfer Students

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Baldwin Wallace is a Great Fit for Transfer Students

Baldwin Wallace University describes a transfer student as anyone who has attended a college or university after high school graduation. If you are completing college courses while in high school, you are considered a first-year student or freshman who may be bringing college credit with you, but not a transfer student.

Why do students transfer to BW?

Receive the Most Credit - There is no limit on the number of credits that can transfer from four-year institutions, however 45 credits must be completed at BW. Most courses have no time limit to qualify for transfer toward a bachelor's degree. Our Transfer Admission Counselors assist prospective transfer students by advising for general education and major requirements while you are still at your community college or previous institution. Our counselors will work with you to review your credits even before you apply for admission.

Associate to Bachelor's Program (A2BW)

Associate to Bachelor's Program (A2BW) - If you've earned an associate degree from a regionally accredited college or university, all the credit you've earned with your associate degree will be honored and you may have reduced core requirements, putting you on a fast track toward the completion of your bachelor's degree at Baldwin Wallace.

BW Transfer Partnerships

To ensure maximum transfer credit for students, Baldwin Wallace has established a number of transfer partnerships with regionally accredited two-year colleges.

BW is also a proud participant in the Ohio Consortium for Transfer Pathways to the Liberal Arts, a group of 25 two-year and four-year colleges working together to provide clear, consistent transfer pathways in biology, English and psychology for community college students transferring to Baldwin Wallace and other private colleges in Ohio. These transfer pathways align with the Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways (OGTPs) in biology, English and psychology, ensuring that associate degrees from Ohio's community colleges provide a clear path to colleges and universities across Ohio.

BW Transfer Core

How does my credit transfer if I attended another four-year school or have community college credit without an associate degree?

Students transferring to BW with 25 credits or more but no associate degree follow the BW Transfer Core, which is based on the State of Ohio's Articulation and Transfer Policy - Ohio Transfer 36 (OT36). The BW Transfer Core includes:

  • 3 credits English Composition and Oral Communication
  • 3 credits Mathematics, Statistics and Logic
  • 6 credits Arts and Humanities (2 different disciplines)
  • 6 credits Social and Behavioral Sciences (2 different disciplines)
  • 6 credits Natural Sciences (at least 1 lab course)
  • Plus 12 credits of additional coursework from the disciplines above or courses based on proposed major at four-year school.

BW's Online Transfer Guide

BW's online transfer guide shows how courses transfer from more than 80 area colleges and universities. Students also transfer credits from many other accredited schools not included in the online transfer guide.

Request a Transfer Evaluation

Visit campus and meet with a BW transfer admission counselor to see how your credits transfer - before you even apply for admission! You can also upload your college transcripts and a transfer admission counselor will review your transcripts.

Transfer FAQ

The following are frequently asked questions we receive from transfer students. Send an email to if you have additional questions.

How do transfer credits apply to a BW degree?

Courses transferred from other colleges or universities may count directly toward your major or minor, core requirements, or electives - all are valuable credit toward the minimum 120 credits needed to graduate. All college-level courses with a grade of C or better from a regionally accredited college or university will transfer to Baldwin Wallace, given that they fall within the academic scope and level of BW's programs. Grades of C- or below do not transfer.

How much credit can transfer to BW?

There is no limit on the number of hours that may be transferred from four-year colleges and universities. However, at least 45 semester hours of your degree must be earned at Baldwin Wallace University and students must meet the residency requirements of their major and minor. A maximum of 60 semester hours may transfer from two-year or community colleges.

There is a limit on how much credit may transfer in some academic areas as determined by the BW faculty, such as engineering or other technical areas.

What is the difference between equivalency credit and elective credit?

Baldwin Wallace wishes to award the maximum in transfer credit whenever possible. Students may need to provide a course description or syllabus to determine if a transfer course is equivalent to a course at BW. If it is not the same as a BW course, students will still receive elective credit which counts towards the 120 credits needed for a bachelor's degree.

Are there time limits on how old courses can be?

Most courses have no time limit to qualify for transfer toward a bachelor's degree. However, some areas are more time sensitive, such as accounting, computer science, education, psychology and nursing.

Will my grade point average from a previous college/university transfer?

No, only your credit hours will transfer. When you enroll at Baldwin Wallace University, you will establish a new BW grade point average.

Does BW offer alternative transfer credit?

The American Council on Education (ACE) provides credit recommendations for workplace and military training. Official ACE Transcripts and Joint Services Transcripts may be sent to BW for transfer evaluation. You may also earn credit through the College Level Examination Program.